Since 2006 Wire Fence Chain Link Fence Emre knitting industry knowledge, confidence, continuity, quality and quick service approach Our workshop services sector, new and equipped with modern machinery, experienced team of quality and standards to the industry, production levels are doing to meet our customers´ expectations. Which take precedence over the safety of our customers production philosophy Emre Fence and durability of our products the experiences of the year with six productions by considering making.

Quality Manufacturing: Production phase is within the standards of all of the ed material, raw material ion through to paint chemicals is a quality individual to be superior in terms of security and robustness of our priorities in the production process.

Aesthetics and Functionality: Emre wire fence is a priority for the aesthetic appearance and functionality of these attributes are assembled by a team of experts to continue. By sharing our knowledge and our experience in this regard that, our job is to do the most work.

Screw (galvanized) wire mesh, PVC coated mesh wire, galvanized barbed wire, PVC coated barbed wire, concrete fence posts, pipe fence, pole, fence panels and decorative panels in the manufacture of razor wire fence, wire fence, gate, basketball courts and synthetic pitches applications: the soil above the floor and wall applications koruganları dog, etc., until the broad area of ??applications for protection have gas tanks.

So far as jobs in the future quality of our services offer the most competitive prices and quick service our customers and we continue as the basic principle of customer satisfaction in every case.